Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing

Revitalize Your Floors with Hardwood Refinishing in Colorado Springs, CO

Are your wood floors looking worse for wear? If your flooring has seen better days, you might feel that it’s time to invest in new flooring. Fortunately, if you have hardwood flooring in your home or business, there’s a cost-effective method to restore them. Make your floors look as good as new when you turn to the specialists at Absolute Flooring America for hardwood refinishing in Colorado Springs, CO.

At our flooring showroom, we proudly reinvigorate hardwood to give aged surfaces a new lease on life. Performing a variety of services including hardwood sanding and staining, we restore your floors without having to introduce new materials. When you put your restoration needs in the hands of our full-service flooring contractor, we’ll turn back the clock on your floors with our comprehensive wood floor refinishing.

What to Expect With Our Hardwood Refinishing Services

The clear coat applied to wood floors protects the precious wood grain that rests beneath from dulling, scratching, and scuffs. Shifting furniture, the impact of bumps and stumbles from playful children and pets, and even everyday foot traffic all take a toll on this protective outer coating. When you invest in our hardwood refinishing service, our specialists improve the appearance and performance of your floors by restoring the integrity of this outermost layer.

We have skilled craftsmen on staff with years of experience restoring wood floors. They know how to take dull and damaged floors and make them beautiful again. We begin the process with sanding. Our craftsmen sand off the old finish to the bare wood and make repairs before staining or adding a protective coating.

This process takes years off the life of your current floors and costs far less than replacement. You end up with flooring that looks as good as new. With solid wood floor coverings, you can repeat the sanding and staining every time the floors start looking damaged. In fact, you can do this several times over the lifetime of solid wood floors, which last as long as 100 years.

Revitalizing Interior Spaces with Hardwood Staining

Well-kept hardwood flooring is a highly desirable property feature. A lucrative resale asset, wood floors offer any space an enviable, timeless look that prospective buyers would be proud to call their own. Even the most diligent property owners know that it takes regular maintenance to keep hardwood flooring in pristine condition. That’s why our team proudly offers wood staining service to keep spaces looking beautiful.

At your request, we’ll gladly renew the look of your floor covering by adding several new coats of deep, rich, color. Regardless of the type of wood you have, our experienced specialists have the tools and training to remove ground-in dirt, scratches, and unsightly stains that mar picture-perfect finishes.

Hardwood Is Worth It

Wood flooring does require maintenance, but it’s definitely worth the investment. Such elegance does much to elevate the ambiance of your home and create a beautiful place for your family to live, as well as a wonderful setting for parties and entertainment. Just the presence of hardwood is enough to boost the property value of your home and make it much easier to sell as the look of natural wood adds a touch of elegance to any space in which it’s used.

Trust our team to revitalize your flooring with our comprehensive hardwood refinishing services. No matter if you’re looking to restore the look of your floors for yourself or a potential buyer, we’ll ensure you receive a high-end look that brings your space back to life. Call our team to schedule a consultation, so we can discuss your flooring project and provide you with an estimate.

Contact us today to renew the look and feel of your hardwood floors with high-quality refinishing services. We proudly serve clients in Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, and Manitou Springs, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.


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